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talk_politics was started because people revolted against my heavy hand of never banning anyone, instead I just did my best to humiliate them with words. Ok, I banned one person, reality_hammer, cuz he's a paid shill.

Now they ban people for a month because of the word "idiot".

Irony doesn't even begin to explain it.

I'm not banned for a month. Just 10 days or something? But now others are getting ban-hammered and the mods claim it will happen "at an exponential rate". Oh great, they're just completely lost to their own egos now aren't they? THE BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES.

What a joke that place is.

Important update.

For those fellows I have neglected to inform by other means:


Eileen got a teaching job in tiny little town of 300 in western MN, off the Minnesota River Valley, near to Granite Falls. We're going to rent for a bit before buying THE FARM I ALWAYS WANTED!

I love the city. I will miss Minneapolis. BUT A MAN HAS GOT TO HAVE LAND TO GROW THINGS! 3 hours from Minneapolis. I'll get to see the stars again. I'll be able to make bat houses. I'll be able to do all the things! AND WE'LL HAVE OUR HORSEYS!

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I never regretted being the in the military.

But now every time someone wants to "thank" me or call me a "hero", I regret it more and more.

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Welp, the transformation is complete. talk_politics has become the dessicated hulk of thought-terminating cliches it has always striven to be. Actual disagreement is interpreted as personal acrimony, and the acrimonious are free to level charges of trolling without fear of recourse. Anything that does not implicitly accept the premises of a post is considered absurd and grounds for punishment. Disagreement is considered a breach of decorum. La-la-la-la-la.

Thinking about God

If I may bear upon a philosophical heading for a bit:

What I find very disappointing about discussions involving God is how dreadfully mundane and boring they inevitably are. People sit there and "debate" the existence of God like you might "debate" the existence of a rock. There is nothing interesting about this sort of discussion. Not in the least. It's just two people quibbling and squawking and nothing ever comes of it. The plain, brute question of existence is so utterly... unproductive that nothing ever comes from these discussions. No interesting developments, no progression of thought, nothing at all- just people banging on the drum all day. You might as well watch a monkey banging some rocks together and there at least you'd learn about monkey behavior vis a vis rocks.

Fundamentally, with how I see it, believing in God is like believing in a method. When people ask me if I believe in God, it's like asking me if I believe in measurement. Do I believe in a ruler? Do I believe in a system of weights and displacements? Can I put an inch under a microscope? The question is so bizarrely out-of-whack my eyes just cross up and I mumble about random shit.

Does distance exist? See what I mean? What a stupid question.

I wanted to be wise, instead the Lord instructed me in foolishness.

There is one undeniable truth of human society:

All civilization is built upon a lie.

I do not mean this philosophically, or from some abstract ethical plane. I mean historically and, shall we say, ideographically, all human civilization is built upon a lie. What is this lie? It is a very simple lie, namely that we can have land because God gave it to us. This lie has taken on many forms throughout the history of modern man. At first the rulers just claimed that God gave it to them. Then people claimed that the rulers gave them what God gave the rulers.

Whether we speak of rights, God, or purple talking bananas with a beret, it's all the same lie.

In this I do not mean to comment on the existence of God, or rights, or purple talking bananas wearing berets. I simply point out that, in fact, God didn't give any land to anybody, and nobody could've bought it from anybody, and there was no Divine Real Estate Agent handing out deeds to people.

But this is also why I am religious, because I stubbornly remain religious not because of faith or tradition or desire, but because of the plain truth that all civilization is built upon a very big, very simple lie. I do not think we should necessarily do anything about it, just simply remark and remember that, in fact, all of this is built upon a lie. You cannot forget it.

Indeed it is an incredibly foolish and preposterous lie. The insanity of it escapes our general grasp merely by force of habit. A person can no more own land than an elephant could own land. We can no more own land than a tree can own the land in which it grows. It just doesn't make sense. A group of people could no more claim land by force of popularity than a herd of zebras could claim land by strength of numbers. It just doesn't work that way.

Prejudice gained.

I've developed my first true recalcitrant prejudice. You tend to collect them as you get older. I wonder what wonders await me in my middle years.

I hate foreign-bred small business owners. I don't like them. I don't like their attitude. I don't like their smarmy ass bullshit. I'm agin it!

The company I work for was bought out by some Koreans. And they tell people not to complain about not getting raises for several years because, and I quote, "Do you know what they make in Mexico?"


Fuck me, stupid asshole don't even realize their lectures APPLY A HUNDRED MORE TIMES TO THEM THAN IT DOES TO US!!!!

Jerks. Come to Amurka and try to pull some shit like they get away with in the third world.

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I'm pretty fed up with things. Not personal life things. Just things in general. I'm living in a crumbling country too short-sighted to plan for floods, much less pay to maintain fucking bridges. I'm living in a country where entire metro areas like Detroit, and whole sections of New Orleans just disappear and everyone just acts like it never happened. I'm living in a country where the entire basis of modern society and its economy self-destructs in the most calamitous way imaginable, and people just act like it never happened.

Pay fucking taxes, assholes. Or your city gets washed away and all the streets collapse because everyone was too fucking worried about paying an extra 100 dollars on their property taxes. You get what you pay for, and what you have paid for, is my lack of sympathy when it comes to simply avoidable collateral damage. We are the dumbest, most short-sighted, fucking idiotic citizenry to inherit the most powerful society on Earth. Write fucking laws, assholes, or the next time everyone loses their retirement, I'm just going to laugh out of pure spite.


You know someone has issues when they start talking to you, out of nowhere, like you're their dad.

That dude has a pathological need to lecture black people. Even when they're not around. He has this neurotic fixation on black people. No matter how hard he strangles his pathological racism, it comes out in tortured hack-job concern-trolling about how the war on drugs has destroyed black people's regard for the family unit... or something. Seriously.